Man Kills His Biological Son in Rubanda


RUBANDA – Police in Rubanda District have apprehended a 30-year-old man named Niwamanya Alledi, who resides in Mukangumira cell, Ruhonwa parish, Hamurwa sub-county, Rubanda district. He stands accused of the murder of his nine-year-old biological son, Ariho Ankorite.

According to a police statement, several years ago, Niwamanya had separated from his first wife, with whom he had two children who went to live with their mother.

Niwamanya remarried, and when his children returned to him, his new wife mistreated them, leading their mother to withdraw them and take them to their maternal grandmother.In June 2023, the two children were brought back to see their father.

Tragically, in July, Niwamanya is alleged to have taken his son to Ruboroga Forest in Ruboroga cell, Mpungu parish, Hamurwa sub-county, where he allegedly murdered him and disposed of his body there.

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Elly Maate, the Kigezi Region Police spokesperson, stated that suspicions arose in the village regarding the son’s disappearance.

When Niwamanya learned that his village had become aware of the situation, he attempted to take another child back to their grandmother in Rukiga district.

However, news of the missing child had already reached them.Maate explained that the grandmother questioned Niwamanya about the whereabouts of the second son.

He deceived her by claiming to have taken him to other relatives. Unsatisfied with his response, the family mobilized and subsequently arrested him.

During interrogation, Niwamanya confessed to the murder, revealing that he had committed the act in July and disposed of the body in Ruboroga forest.

Maate emphasized that on September 9, 2023, Jonah Tweyongyere reported the matter to the Hamurwa Police, leading to Niwamanya’s re-arrest. He then guided the authorities to Ruboroga forest, where the murder had taken place.

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The crime scene was investigated, and an exhibit of a presumed human bone, suspected to belong to the deceased, was recovered. It will be submitted for forensic analysis.

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