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Man commits suicide after killing wife


SSEMBABULE – Police have started investigating circumstances under which a man in Kikoma Parish in Ssembabule district committed suicide after earlier killing the wife in Nyendo – Masaka district.

Ssekiranda Godfrey, a 27-year-old boda boda rider, became entangled in a double tragedy, ending the lives of both himself and his wife, Nalutaya Shakira.

According to an official statement released by the Police, a distressing narrative unfolded. Ssekiranda took the drastic step of selling his land in Kinyasi village, situated within the bounds of Kikoma Parish in Ssembabule district.

This move garnered him a sum of Ugx 2 million, which he entrusted to his wife, Nalutaya, with the intention of assisting her in launching a business venture in Kampala.

Tragically, their dreams took a sharp turn when Nalutaya, after receiving the funds, chose to abandon her husband. She relocated her business to Nyendo Masaka, severing the bonds that once held them together.

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The rift between them deepened, culminating in an unexpected and horrifying outcome. Ssekiranda, driven by a mix of emotions, reconnected with Nalutaya under the pretense of a romantic reunion. However, the reunion took a sinister twist, as he ended her life through strangulation.

The Uganda Police Spokesperson, SCP Enanga Fred, conveyed the unsettling series of events. After perpetrating this act, the tormented Ssekiranda returned to his home village on his boda boda and ended his own life through hanging.

“A poignant suicide note came to light, revealing the grim details. Strikingly, the same rope that Ssekiranda had used to snuff out his wife’s life became the instrument of his own demise”. Enanga Said.

Relatedly, the 14th of August 2023 saw the tragic loss of a 23-year-old young man named Bagumya Francis. His life came to a sudden end through suicide by hanging at the CLO, 2nd floor of Kyambogo University’s Nakawa division.

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Enanga confirmed that Francis was gainfully employed by CK Associates Construction Company.

In a chilling note left behind, Francis conveyed his profound anguish. He expressed disbelief that he had reached the age of 23 without achieving the financial success he had aspired to attain. He lamented the absence of support from his father, who had forsaken him in his journey.

The somber atmosphere surrounding these incidents prompted SCP Enanga Fred to share his perspective. He voiced his distress at the tragedy that had unfolded, emphasizing that depression, frustration, and anger had driven these individuals to take their own lives.

 Enanga underscored the importance of seeking help through counseling and support groups, emphasizing that a different path could have been taken if these individuals had received the assistance they needed.

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