Kabale DRDC Bakak Warns Children against Pressuring Parents for Land


KABALE – Kabale Deputy Resident District Commissioner (DRDC), Ronald Bakak, has warned youth against pressuring their parents for land.

Addressing the residents of Rugyendiira cell in Rushaki ward, Northern Division of Kabale municipality yesterday, Bakak expressed his concern about the rising instances of children exerting undue pressure on their parents to transfer land ownership to them. He emphasized that such demands, made by those who have turned 18, lack legal merit and could strain familial relationships.

During the address, Bakak urged children to comprehend that upon reaching the age of 18, they are legally considered adults, relinquishing any entitlement to demand land from their parents. He stressed that land ownership is a personal choice that should be approached with respect and understanding within the family structure.

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The cautionary message from Bakak is prompted by a surge in land-related disputes within Kabale district, with many conflicts arising from children seeking a portion of their parents’ land. These disputes often escalate into strained relationships and legal battles.

Bakak clarified that the laws of Uganda govern land ownership, explicitly stating that parents possess the right to determine the distribution of their land among their children. He implored children to honor their parents’ decisions and avoid instigating unnecessary conflicts within their families.

Bakak called upon local authorities, schools, and community leaders to organize awareness campaigns and workshops to educate both parents and children on the nuances of land ownership, fostering a better understanding and harmony within families.


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