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Kitagwenda District Employees Demand Organizational Reform


KITAGWENDA – A concerned group of Kitagwenda district Local Government employees has banded together to address the ongoing challenges plaguing their workplace.

These issues, perpetuated by a handful of colleagues since the district’s inception in 2019, have prompted a serious reevaluation of the organizational culture by the team.

The recurring crises have left the staff questioning whether this unfortunate cycle is destined to be their perpetual modus operandi. The individuals responsible for the disruptions appear to be immune to consequences, casting doubts on their indispensability. With the looming threat of staff turnover, many contemplate leaving in search of more stable opportunities.

As the district faces intensified scrutiny and criticism, the innocent staff members find themselves unfairly implicated in the same narrative as the troublemakers. They are unfairly labeled as part of the “eating group,” experiencing low morale and becoming public rejects. Payroll discrepancies, wage deficits, delayed approvals, and unfulfilled requisitions add to the demotivation and disorientation among the staff.

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In response to these challenges, a dedicated team from Kitagwenda district drafted a petition expressing their desire to distance themselves from the ongoing crisis and urging decisive action. They raised questions about the losses incurred by tolerating discrediting acts, the persistence of irresponsible individuals, and the prioritization of personal interests over institutional ones. The petition called for a return to transparency, rebuilding public trust, and a renewed commitment to service.

The staff appealed for offices to be used for service rather than self-aggrandizement, transparent fund allocations, and the rebuilding of public trust. The petition concluded with a powerful reminder that remaining silent in the face of wrongdoing could be as destructive as the deeds themselves.

As the petition circulated internally, the staff hoped for a calm resolution before considering more drastic measures. Their deep concern for Kitagwenda district fueled their united plea for change, as they were determined to restore sanity and professional operations to their beloved district.

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The fate of Kitagwenda district now hangs in the balance, awaiting a response to the collective voice that seeks to break free from persistent turmoil. The dedicated staff stands united, hoping for a positive transformation that will bring stability and integrity back to their workplace.

Below is the letter of Demand by Dedicated team of Kitagwenda staff;

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