Minister Musasizi Denies Bloated Budget Claims for Presidency Amidst Opposition Concerns Over Staffing and Expenditure Discrepancies


KAMPALA – Minister of State for Finance (General Duties) Henry Musasizi has refuted claims of a bloated budget for the Presidency, emphasizing that not all funds allocated to State House and the Office of the President are solely for President Museveni’s personal use.

He clarified that these are institutional expenditures.

“We would like to correct the impression which was created out there, that all expenditures under the State House are expenditures incurred by the person of the President in his House. These are institutional expenditures just like we do with our votes”.said Minister Musasizi.

Minister Musasizi, who doubles as the Rubanda East Member of Parlianment in Rubanda District clarified this following the Opposition’s decry over wasteful expenditure within the government wondering why the President should have 1,757 staff, yet only 14 out of the 28 beds in the Intensive Care Unit of Mulago Hospital are functional, due to shortage of staff.

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Addressing concerns over excessive staff numbers, MP Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda criticized the government, questioning the necessity of employing 1,757 staff for the President while highlighting the functional issues in Mulago Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.

“Can you justify the president employing 761 staff in his office and 996 staff at his residence? Our leader employs at his residence at taxpayers’ expense 51 cleaners, 52 cooks/chef/ catering officers, 80 gardeners, 29 housekeepers, 10 dhobi and laundry attendants, 106 private secretaries, 14 room attendants, 22 presidential assistants, 59 waitress/waiters and 14 presidential advisors. If this is not wastage, what is it? And these days the main work at State House is organizing birthday parties and wedding anniversaries,” MP Ssemujju noted.

Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, the Kira Municipality Member of Parlianment also called out the government for discrepancies in figures on Uganda’s public debt portfolio, saying the NRM is now just borrowing for fun, which explains why loans worth Shs14.5 trillion remain unutilized and yet these are attracting interest.

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In response, Jessica Ababiku, Chairperson of the Presidential Affairs Committee, dismissed allegations that State House’s major activities involve organizing weddings and birthday parties.

She emphasized that the committee has never sought funds for such events, urging their removal from the report unless evidence proves otherwise.

Ababiku also highlighted discrepancies in the list of presidential advisors, pointing out deceased individuals and an ambassador stationed in China, dissociating the committee from any ghost staff expenditure claims.

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