Opposition Leaders in Kisoro Plant Banana Stems in Potholes to Protest Deteriorating Roads


KISORO – The Opposition leaders in Kisoro District on Thursday took to the streets in civil protests, specifically shedding light on the deplorable state of roads in the country by planting banana stems and yams in potholes throughout Kisoro Municipality.

The impetus for this action originated from the President of the National Unity Platform, Robert Sentamu Kyagulanyi, widely known as Bob Wine who declared a protest initiative, encouraging the planting of banana stems in roads riddled with potholes across Kampala city, as shared on his X-Twitter on January 22nd, 2024.

The grassroots movement began by planting banana stems and yams along the tourism road leading to Rusiza market in the municipality. Vincent Mushakamba, the Chairman of FDC Kisoro District, voiced the frustration of the people, citing government’s empty promises, which left the area plagued with substandard markets, tourism roads, and, notably, poorly maintained roads.

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Mushakamba urged residents in Kisoro District to join the protest, emphasizing that actions, not just elections, are needed to spur the government into addressing their concerns.


Owen Ahimbisibwe, the Kisoro FDC secretary, lamented the lack of accountability for the taxes paid by citizens. Ahimbisibwe narrated that schools have resembled garbage lands, hospitals felt like places where people encounter death, and the inadequate roads resulted in the tragic loss of eight children daily as pregnant mothers navigated perilous journeys to medical facilities.


Denis Dusenge, the National Unity Platform’s publicity representative in Kisoro Municipality, asserted that the time for a coalition had arrived. He rallied residents to join the protest, urging them to demand improved services from the government.

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The protest, characterized by symbolic acts of planting in potholes, signals a collective demand for change and accountability in Kisoro District.

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