Law Development Centre Calls for Investigation into Suspicious Degrees from Ugandan Universities


KAMPALA – The Law Development Centre (LDC) has urged the Law Council to investigate suspicious first degrees issued by certain Ugandan universities.

Annet Karungi, Head Bar Course at LDC, revealed this information before the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee during discussions on the 2024/25 national budget framework paper.

Karungi highlighted concerns about the high number of students with impressive grades who, upon training, congest the LDC system due to struggles in passing various subjects.

Addressing the issue, Karungi emphasized collaboration with the Law Council to address the observed patterns in recent academic years.

She clarified that LDC did not decline admission to students who paid for the 2023/24 academic year but faced limitations in accepting over 3000 applicants due to facility constraints.

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To ensure fairness in admission, they adopted a method of admitting 60% of applicants from each university based on rankings.

In a related development, Miriam Wangadya, Chairperson of the Uganda Human Rights Commission, appealed to Parliament for an additional Shs3.756Bn to boost staff salaries.

Miriam Wangadya, Chairperson of the Uganda Human Rights Commission

Wangadya emphasized the challenges, citing a monthly fuel allowance of Shs600,000, equivalent to Shs20,000 per day. She also requested Shs1Bn for the purchase of 5 vehicles to support facility inspections and investigations, along with an additional Shs1.5Bn for acquiring 3 vans to educate Ugandans on human rights.

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