CANADA: Nations Unite to Combat Human Trafficking, Enhance Cybersecurity and Foster Legal Migration Pathways


CANADA – The 2024 Global Security Liberalization Symposium, organized by OEIS Investigation and Security under the leadership of Dr. Dinah Mourise and Mr. Mansour Ihab in Ontario, Canada, brought together experts to discuss pressing issues such as human/child trafficking, refugee challenges, cyber security, and education initiatives aimed at improving the well-being of vulnerable children.

Rt. Hon. Nakadama, Uganda’s Deputy Prime Minister, highlighted Uganda’s progressive refugee policy, recognized globally for its compassion.

She emphasized the government’s commitment to integrating refugees into local communities, with Uganda hosting the largest refugee population in Africa and the 4th largest globally. Refugees in Uganda are granted recognition, issued identity cards, and given the right to reside and own property in the country.

Nakadama explained, “Our approach extends beyond shelter, focusing on investing in people. Refugees are empowered to cultivate land, access education and healthcare, and contribute to the economy, promoting dignity and long-term stability.”

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Ambassador Walusimbi drew attention to Uganda’s collaboration with international agencies to combat human trafficking, emphasizing cross-border initiatives and stringent legal frameworks to disrupt trafficking networks and protect the vulnerable.

Niagara Falls Mayor Rick Birman stressed the urgency of collaborative action against cybercrime, particularly in safeguarding children. He asserted the importance of digital literacy and robust cyber laws to counter the increasing threat posed by cyber predators.

During sideline discussions, Ugandan officials and Canadian government representatives explored pathways for legal migration. Canada’s reputation for welcoming skilled immigrants set the stage for talks on establishing a framework enabling Ugandans to seek skilled employment in Canada.

These discussions laid the foundation for a bilateral agreement facilitating talent and expertise exchange between the two nations.

With over fifty speakers, including Ambassadors Marsha (Jamaica), Naloum (Chad), Detective Inspector Sharon Hanlon of the Canadian police, Detective Staff Sergeant Brown Michael Reventar (Actor), and Ms. Lisa Stark Hughes (Public Health Entrepreneur), the symposium highlighted the threats of human trafficking and its connection to global security liberalization.

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The experts resolved to work collectively to create a safer world for children, safeguarding their right to growth from heinous practices.

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