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Malnutrition Cases on the Rise in Kisoro Despite Ample Food Supply


By Daniel Nsengimana

KISORO – Kisoro district in South Western Uganda, renowned for its prolific potato and sweet potato production, along with a bounty of vegetables including carrots, cabbages, stinging nettle, spinach, and Dodo, is grappling with a disconcerting surge in malnutrition cases.

Rachael Mbabazi, the dedicated Nutritionist for Kisoro district, has sounded the alarm, particularly highlighting the distressing impact on children aged 1 to 5 years. Disturbing statistics reveal that between June of the previous year and June of the current year, a distressing total of 666 malnourished children were admitted for care. Among this somber count, a staggering 204 cases were categorized as severe.

Mbabazi, who has been at the forefront of nutritional interventions, candidly acknowledges that the challenge of malnutrition persists despite their concerted efforts. She attributes the persistently alarming trend to a prevailing dietary issue: an overreliance on potatoes as the primary source of sustenance for numerous children.

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“When we examine the cases,” Mbabazi elaborates, “it’s evident that many children are solely fed potatoes, contributing significantly to this ongoing crisis.”

Dr. Stephen Nsabiyumva, the Kisoro District Health, sheds light on another crucial facet of the problem. He underscores that the scarcity of specialized nutritionists within the health facilities across the district is hampering the battle against malnutrition. Presently, a single Nutritionist shoulders the responsibility of serving the entire district, an unenviable task that impedes comprehensive care and interventions.

“The paucity of specialized nutritionists is a critical bottleneck in our efforts. A collective push for increased medical personnel is integral to addressing malnutrition effectively.” Dr.Nsabiyumva says.

As the community grapples with this dire health concern, it becomes increasingly evident that a multi-faceted approach, encompassing dietary diversity and enhanced healthcare accessibility, is imperative to reverse this troubling trajectory. The perseverance and dedication of individuals like Mbabazi and the urgent call for increased specialized medical personnel echo the necessity for collaborative, swift action.

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In a district teeming with agricultural abundance, the paradox of malnutrition serves as a poignant reminder that food availability alone is not synonymous with adequate nourishment. A renewed commitment to holistic health strategies is the beacon of hope needed to alleviate this sobering crisis.

“Addressing these distressing cases requires a concerted effort from all stakeholders, emphasizing the urgency of broadening our approach to nutritional well-being.” Mbabazi Said.

As the district strives for a healthier future, the resolve to surmount these challenges remains unwavering. Only through collaborative determination can the tide turn and malnutrition be relegated to a chapter of the past.

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