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Bukimbiri MP Warns Security Officials Against Sympathizing with Criminals


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KISORO – The Member of Parliament for Bukimbiri County, Hon. Eddie Kwizera Wagahungu, has called upon security officials in Kisoro district to refrain from sympathizing with criminals while carrying out their duties.





The legislator made these remarks on Friday during the inauguration ceremony of the Bukimbiri United Boda Boda Operators Association, where he served as the guest of honor at Rubuguri playground in Rubuguri Town Council.





According to Hon. Kwizera, the recent incidents of lawlessness faced by Boda Boda riders associated with the Bukimbiri United Boda Boda Association can be attributed to the failure of the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) and the District Police Commander (DPC) to hold the KUBO leadership accountable, despite their consistent wrongdoing.


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He warned that any assault on law-abiding Bukimbiri Boda Boda riders should be viewed as an attack on him, as the area MP, and cautioned that security officials risked being transferred if they turned a deaf ear to these issues.





Hon. Kwizera urged the Boda Boda riders of Bukimbiri to maintain discipline and refrain from engaging in criminal activities if they wished to continue receiving his support.





Hon. Eddie emphasized that KUBO is not a government-recognized entity, and its leadership should not hinder the progress of the Bukimbiri United Boda Boda Operators Association.





He advised the KUBO leadership to register their association so that it can be legally recognized as a second Boda Boda association in the district.

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He also clarified that his support for the Boda Boda riders in Bukimbiri is not driven by political motives but rather by his commitment to advocating for the rights of an oppressed group.





He appealed to all Boda Boda riders to become agents of development, contribute to security, and act as the government’s watchful eyes.





Meanwhile, he urged Boda Boda riders to avoid leading extravagant lifestyles if they wish to make progress and improve their circumstances.





However, the chairperson of the Bukimbiri United Boda Boda Operators (BUBO) acknowledged that the organization is evolving from a grassroots Boda Boda stage but faces constant harassment from the KUBO leadership.





He mentioned that BUBO had already filed a lawsuit against KUBO in the courts of law. However, the case has now shifted to targeting individual members rather than the organization itself, as KUBO is not recognized as a government-registered entity.

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Asgario Turyagyenda, a former candidate for the Bukimbiri parliamentary seat, commended the leadership of BUBO for establishing their own association to gain independence.





He criticized the Bukimbiri County MP for making discouraging comments that could deter potential competitors vying for the same seat in the 2026 elections, and he declared his intention to run for the seat.

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