Deputy IGG Sets 2-Month Deadline for Multiplex to Complete USMID Roads in Kabale


By Obed Kankiriho

KABALE – The Deputy Inspector General of Government, Dr Patricia Achan Okiria, has issued a stern ultimatum to Multiplex Construction Company Limited, directing them to complete the long-overdue Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development (USMID) project roads in Kabale municipality within the next 2 months, warning that legal action will be pursued otherwise.

Achan’s visit to Kabale was prompted by growing concerns over the prolonged delays in the completion of the USMID road projects in the region. The construction company had been awarded contracts in May 2021 to upgrade key roads, including the 0.76-kilometre Bwankosa Road, the 0.34-kilometre Bushekwire Road, and a 2.47-kilometre route connecting Kabale Diocesan Headquarters to the Katuna-Kabale-Mbarara.

However, Achan’s inspection was met with resistance from a section of local residents who accused her of ignoring their pleas as the road works remained stagnant for an extended period. The locals also criticized the construction company for its apparent lack of workforce, only seeming to engage in active construction during supervisory visits by authorities. The community expressed frustration over the slow progress of the road works, which were expected to be at a more advanced stage by this point.

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Protestors took to the streets holding placards demanding the immediate termination of the existing contract with Multiplex Construction Company Limited.

However, Tensions escalated during the protests, leading to a heated exchange between Emmanuel Sentaro Byamugisha, the Mayor of Kabale Municipality, and Engineer Moses Bossa, the Director of Multiplex Construction Company Limited. Byamugisha accused the contractor of gross incompetence in delivering the project, while Bossa retaliated by accusing Byamugisha of orchestrating the protests to hinder progress.

Following the turmoil, an official meeting was convened at the Kabale Municipal Council main hall to find a way forward. During the meeting, Kabale municipal authorities including led by Mayor Sentaro Emmanuel Byamugisha and the Assistant town clerk, Eric Sunday expressed their disappointment with the construction company’s failure to meet expectations. It was suggested that terminating the contract and seeking compensation for damages from the company would pave the way for a more capable contractor to take over and expedite the project.

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The Kabale Resident District Commissioner, Godfrey Nyakahuma, rebuked the construction company for showcasing machinery only when high-profile visitors arrive to inspect the sites, thus misleading the public about the actual progress.


Mary Mugala, a senior inspectorate officer from the IGG’s office, urged all parties involved to seek a peaceful resolution to the dispute. She emphasized that finding common ground would be essential to ensure the uninterrupted advancement of the road upgrade, avoiding protracted legal disputes. When pressed to provide a timeframe for completion, Bossa initially requested a 3-month extension, which was ultimately denied. The Deputy IGG, Dr Patricia Achan, subsequently issued a strict 2-month deadline for the company to fulfill its obligations.

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Dr. Achan acknowledged that her office had identified various issues contributing to the delay and asserted that all stakeholders shared responsibility for the current situation.

It’s worth noting that Multiplex Construction Company is concurrently executing similar projects in Ntungamo municipality and Mbarara city.

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