Explosives Bill 2023 To Enforce Strict Regulations & Severe Penalties – Says Minister Muhoozi


KAMPALA – Minister of State for Internal Affairs, Gen David Muhoozi, has introduced the Explosives Bill of 2023, aiming to repeal the antiquated 87-year-old Explosives Act Cap. 298.

This new bill seeks to establish comprehensive regulations governing the manufacture, storage, usage, trade, import, export, and transportation of explosives within Uganda.

Presenting the bill during the Parliamentary session on Tuesday, Muhoozi unveiled an important provision in clause 16 (4), which call for strict accountability.

According to this clause, any individual found manufacturing any type of explosive without the requisite license would face legal consequences.

Conviction under this clause could result in a substantial fine not exceeding five hundred thousand currency points (equivalent to Shs10 billion) or, alternatively, lifelong imprisonment, or even a combination of both penalties.

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Muhoozi emphasized that the government has put forth a substantial fine of Shs10 billion or the possibility of lifelong imprisonment for individuals involved in the establishment and operation of explosives factories or manufacturing plants without proper licensing.

“This provision exclusively applies to operations either directly managed by the government or those in which the government holds a predominant ownership stake”. Gen Muhoozi asserted.

The proposed Explosives Bill of 2023, with its stringent measures and penalties, reflects Uganda’s commitment to enhancing safety, security, and the regulated management of explosive materials.

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