Gen Kayihura Commends President Museveni for Transforming Uganda’s Future


KAMPALA – The Former Inspector General of Police, General Kale Kayihura has commended President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s significant role in steering Uganda towards a secure and prosperous future that has enabled the citizens to transform socially and economically

Gen. Kayihura made the remarks on Thursday during a send-off ceremony at State House Entebbe that marked the official retirement of General Kayihura and ten other army Generals from the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF). President Museveni, also the Commander in Chief of UPDF, presided over the ceremony.

General Kayihura, speaking on behalf of the retiring Generals, commended President Museveni for being an inspirational figure from his early days as a student to his present leadership. He highlighted President Museveni’s initiation of resistance movements such as FRONASA and the NRA/NRM in the 1970s and 80s, which stood against decades of state terrorism, fascism, and chaos in Uganda.

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According to Gen Kayihura, these efforts not only inspired many within Uganda but also sparked similar resistance movements in the region and beyond.

General Kayihura acknowledged President Museveni’s relentless commitment to analyzing and addressing the challenges facing Uganda and Africa. Under President Museveni’s leadership, the NRA/UPDF transformed from a small guerrilla force in the Luwero triangle to a modern military with global capabilities.

He paid tribute to the comrades who sacrificed their lives during this journey and emphasized the nation’s eternal gratitude to them.

General Kayihura also expressed admiration for the continued trust that UPDF holds among the people of Uganda, Africa, and beyond. He extended his gratitude to President Museveni and UPDF leadership for providing the opportunity to serve in an esteemed force and for their ongoing efforts to improve soldiers’ welfare.

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He expressed his surprise and gratitude for the dignified sendoff ceremony and generous gifts, contrasting it with the challenging circumstances during their early service. General Kayihura emphasized that today’s Uganda is stable, secure, peaceful, and full of opportunities.

General Kayihura also conveyed his deep appreciation to President Museveni, the General Court-Martial, and UPDF authorities for clearing him of all charges, expressing immense happiness and relief at finally obtaining justice and freedom.

He thanked UPDF leadership for their support during this period, authorized by President Museveni. Additionally, General Kayihura congratulated President Museveni and the First Lady, Janet Museveni, on their golden jubilee anniversary of marriage, recognizing their outstanding contributions to Uganda, Africa, and human history.

The ceremony was attended by dignitaries, including the Minister of State for Defence, Hon. Jacob Oboth Oboth, the Minister of State for Veteran Affairs, Hon. Huda Oleru Abason, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs, Ms. Rosettie Byengoma, and the Chief of Defence Forces, Gen Wilson Mbadi, among other officials.

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