Kigezi Subregion Grieves the Loss of a Respected NRM Financier & Mentor Apollo Nyegamehe


By Wilfred Arinda

RUKIGA – The recent passing of Apollo Nyegamehe, a prominent figure within the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and a revered supporter in Kigezi subregion, has left a deep void and a sense of sadness among many.

Nelson Nshangabasheija, the Head of MK Movement in Kigezi subregion and LC 5 Chairperson for Kabale district, paid tribute to Nyegamehe, expressing his regret that the late philanthropist would not witness the day Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba assumes the presidency.


Nyegamehe was widely known for his unwavering support of the NRM party and his substantial financial contributions to its activities in Kigezi subregion.


However, his impact extended beyond mere financial aid; he was also an ardent advocate for Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, who is seen as a potential future leader of Uganda.

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In his statement, Nshangabasheija emphasized his sorrow over Nyegamehe’s untimely demise, lamenting the fact that he would not have the opportunity to witness the historic moment when Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba takes the reins of the presidency.


“He has enjoyed the good things of the NRM party, but I’m sad that he won’t be alive to witness the day Gen MK becomes the President of Uganda,” Nshangabasheija Said.


Nyegamehe’s influence extended well beyond his financial support. He served as a mentor and role model to supporters of the MK Movement in Kigezi subregion, guiding them with his unwavering commitment to the NRM’s principles and values.


His loss is deeply felt by the community, as his dedication and efforts played a pivotal role in shaping the ideology and dedication of NRM supporters in the region.

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Nyegamehe’s absence will be profoundly felt, as his presence and guidance were instrumental in advancing the MK Movement and the NRM’s objectives in the subregion.


“Today, we mourn the loss of Apollo Nyegamehe, remembering him as a great pillar of the NRM party and a mentor to many. Our collective sorrow is deepened by the realization that he will not witness the day when Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba assumes the presidency. Nyegamehe’s significant contributions, unwavering support, and philanthropic endeavors will forever be cherished, leaving an indelible legacy within the community. May his soul rest in eternal peace.” Chairman Nshangabasheija quoted.

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