LIBERATION DAY! SG Todwong satisfied with 38 years of NRM leadership


KAMPALA – The Secretary General of the National Resistance Movement (NRM), Rt. Hon. Richard Todwong, has said the 38 years of the party in leadership are worth celebrating by all Ugandans considering what Uganda was and what it has become today.

According to Todwong, when the NRM assumed power in 1986, the country faced numerous challenges across social indicators such as cooperation, security, economic development, infrastructure, and human resource development.

Todwong asserted that the NRM played a crucial role in rescuing Uganda from a critical state, implementing policies that stabilized the economy and steered the nation away from danger.

He contrasted the party’s approach with previous leadership, noting a shift from divisive factors like personalities, religion, and tribal affiliation to a focus on unity and common goals.

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“Unlike past leaders who concentrated on what divides us, NRM refocused the country on what unites us,” Todwong explained. “We are celebrating 38 years of total transformation in terms of the economy and politics.”

Addressing the ongoing government performance, Todwong affirmed that the NRM leadership is closely monitoring the fulfillment of the party’s manifesto.

Expressing satisfaction with progress, he stated, “We have reached midterm, and our evaluation is that the promises are being fulfilled by the government. So far, we are satisfied with what we are doing. We also believe that we can do even more.”

Looking ahead, Todwong provided insights into the party’s preparations for upcoming elections. He revealed that the electoral commission’s roadmap is in motion, and the NRM is actively updating voter registers.

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“We are printing them, and soon we will take them to the countryside for updates before engaging in primary elections,” Todwong disclosed.

In acknowledging the 38-year milestone, Todwong extended congratulations to the party’s National Chairman and President, HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the Central Executive Committee, all party members, and the general public.

He emphasized the commitment of the NRM to continuous improvement and serving the people of Uganda.

“The milestone of 38 years is worth celebrating, and we wish you all the best. We pledge and promise to keep improving and doing much better because the NRM party is here to stay and serve the people of Uganda,” Todwong Stated.

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