Wednesday , February 21 2024

M23 Rebels Warn Tanzania Forces Over Heavy Artillery Use Targeting Civilians


DRC – The leaders of the M23 rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo have warned the Tanzania People’s Defense Forces (TPDF) against their ongoing use of heavy artillery, particularly the 122 mm MRLS (BM), resulting in civilian casualties.

In a statement released by Lawrence Kanyuka, Spokesperson for the March 23 Movement, they accuse the TPDF, operating under the SADC forces, of persistently deploying heavy artillery, specifically the 122 mm MRLS (BM), to indiscriminately bombard and harm civilian populations.

Bertrand Bisimwa, the March 23 Movement President, expressed dismay at being compelled to protect innocent civilians from heavy artillery attacks orchestrated by what he referred to as “our own brothers” within the esteemed Tanzania People’s Defense Force a force with a rich revolutionary history in Africa that has inspired numerous revolutionary movements.

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Kanyuka reported that the FARDC, FDLR, mercenaries, militias, and the National Defense Forces of Burundi, along with the SADC forces, resumed their assaults against civilians in densely populated areas such as Mweso, Mushaki, Karuba, and their surroundings, utilizing infantry, heavy artillery, battle tanks, and drones on a Saturday morning.

Issuing a stark warning, Kanyuka declared that the March 23 Movement might be left with no alternative but to seize or incapacitate the weapons of the Tanzania People’s Defense Force and neutralize those responsible for using them in order to safeguard innocent civilians from further harm.

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