Maintain Discipline & Integrity – AIGP Nuwagira Charges Promoted Officers


KAMPALA – The Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP), Nuwagira John, serving as the Director of Operations at the Uganda Police Force has emphasized the significance of maintaining discipline and diligent effort while carrying out policing duties.

“As officers, discipline is of utmost importance within our professional realm. This virtue not only garners respect but also upholds the integrity of our work,” emphasized AIGP Nuwagira.

He shared this message during a pipping ceremony held for recently promoted PPG officers at the SFC Headquarters in Entebbe.

AIGP Nuwagira underlined that promotions come with increased responsibilities and assured those who weren’t promoted that further opportunities would arise.

He also extended gratitude to the spouses of police officers, acknowledging their support and sacrifices.

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“Our commitment to duty often keeps us apart from our families, even during holidays, all in service of our nation,” he affirmed during the pipping ceremony, where 28 police officers from the Presidential Guard (PPG) were recognized.

The chief guest at the event, Brig. Charity Bainababo, Deputy Commander of the Special Forces Command (SFC), stressed exemplary behavior, respect for civilians, and the fight against corruption.

She reminded PPG officers that training and promotion come with great responsibility.

“Much has been invested in your training and promotion, and much will be expected of your service. I am confident you will rise to the challenge. Those under your command will look up to you. Live as an example. Certain conduct is not expected of you due to those who admire you; your behavior and manners matter,” emphasized Brig. Bainababo.

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She cautioned the promoted officers against succumbing to corruption, warning of its destructive nature.

Brig Bainababo added “Promotions might tempt us to exceed our means, but resist that urge. Living beyond our means leads to many temptations. You can transform without engaging in corruption or misusing your resources. Steer clear of corruption, for it’s a destructive force”.

“If a soldier goes hungry because a commander embezzles his funds for your child’s education, the curse of stolen money follows that child to school,” cautioned Brig. Bainababo, who is also a UPDF MP.

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