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Maintain Vigilance until we finish up-rooting the Lumbugu in Congo – President Museveni


KAMPALA – President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has urged churches, mosques, markets, and bars to stay vigilant amidst renewed terror attacks in the country.

In a statement shared via X – Twitter handle on Sunday, he advised hotels and markets to maintain their own security as previously planned.

The president’s statement comes in response to two Improvised Explosive Devices detonated in Kikubamutwe parish (Kabalagala) and Nabweru Kibwa Nassana municipality on Saturday night.

Museveni commended the vigilance of the Wanainchi and security forces, preventing harm from the planted bombs.”We’re intensifying efforts to apprehend infiltrators in Congo.

In the past week, seven attacks were conducted using various air platforms and one with medium-range artillery, dealing devastating blows to the terrorists,” Museveni stated.

Describing the desperation of the terrorists, he mentioned small groups like Njovu, responsible for killing tourists.

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Njovu was injured and arrested, three others killed, while seven escaped, with security forces pursuing them in the Kibaale National Park area. Kamusu, a Congolese, leads the escapees, with another leader in Congo, Abu Waqas, an Arab from Tanzania.

Museveni disclosed that terrorists had planted one bomb near a pork “joint,” and he provided details on the successful air attacks and progress in uprooting Lumbugu from Congo.

He expressed gratitude to H.E Tshisekedi for allowing Ugandan troops to address the Lumbugu issue.

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