Ministry of Defence Warns Civilians Against Wearing Military Insignia


KAMPALA – The Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs has expressed growing concern over the rising instances of civilians wearing military insignia, including berets, lanyards, and clothing, which are reserved exclusively for security forces.

Brigadier General Felix Kulayigye, the spokesperson for the Uganda Peoples Defense Force, has pointed to Section 160 of the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces Act, 2005, subsection 2, Part (c), which explicitly prohibits individuals who are not members of the Security Forces from acquiring, possessing, selling, or distributing any of the mentioned attire, among other items.

Brig Gen Kulayigye emphasized that the Uganda Gazette, as per General Notice No 1013 of 2019 dated 18th September 2019, has already issued a notice that describes and forbids members of the public from wearing military uniforms, decorations, or anything closely resembling them.

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He issued a stern warning to those individuals who persist in wearing such items, stating that their actions are in direct violation of the law. He further noted that failure to adhere to this warning would result in legal action being taken against the individuals involved.

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