President Museveni Declares Retribution for Terrorists in Queen Elizabeth National Park Attack


KAMPALA – President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has condemned the terrorists responsible for the tragic incident in Queen Elizabeth National Park, emphasizing that the small group of terrorists, fleeing operations in Congo, will face dire consequences for their actions.

“Yesterday, on October 17, 2023, an unfortunate and enraging incident occurred in Queen Elizabeth National Park. A couple of tourists and their Ugandan driver were killed at approximately 1800hrs on the Katwe-Kabatooro murram road by terrorists evading our operations in Congo,” President Museveni stated.

Taking to his Twitter handle, the President denounced the cowardly act, expressing sympathy for the newlywed couple on their honeymoon in Uganda.

He affirmed that these terrorists would face the consequences with their own lives.

President Museveni assured that the Uganda High Commission in the UK would reach out to the victims’ families, offering necessary support in this tragic situation.

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However, he acknowledged that bringing back the lives of the couple was impossible and urged agencies to prevent such mistakes in the future.

He commended the efforts of the UPDF, Police, UWA, and Intelligence, emphasizing the ongoing success in wiping out the ADF.

Acknowledging gaps in security, he disclosed that terrorists exploited loopholes in individual tourist arrivals and departures.

President Museveni stressed the need for improved tracking methods, acknowledging discussions with the Army on more reliable approaches.

He drew parallels with previous successes against threats like Kony and criminals in Karamoja and Masaka.

Expressing condolences, he extended sympathy to the deceased’s family, wishing their souls eternal peace.

The President reaffirmed his commitment to defeating the terrorists and ensuring the safety of citizens and visitors in Uganda.

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