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RUKIGA: Nurse Found Lifeless, Police Investigate Possible Suicide


By Ambrose Mugisha

RUKIGA – In the serene village of Kagunga, located in Muhanga Town council, Rukiga District, a tragic incident shook the community to its core. On the fateful evening of 18th July 2023, the life of a vibrant young nurse named Naturinda Christine took an unexpected and dark turn.





Christine, a 24-year-old nurse attached to Karorwa HCII, had just returned home after a long day of work. As the night settled in, she entered her modest one-roomed house, pushing the door back but leaving it unlocked. Little did she know that this simple act would have devastating consequences.





The following morning, the village awoke to a somber atmosphere as news of Christine’s disappearance spread. A concerned female neighbor attempted to reach out to her around 11:00 AM, but there was no response. Worried for her safety, the neighbor sought help from a male neighbor, who also tried to contact Christine to no avail.

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Growing increasingly anxious, the male neighbor decided to investigate further. He gently pushed open the unlocked door and stepped inside, only to be met with a heartbreaking sight – Christine’s lifeless body lying in her room. Overcome with shock, they immediately alerted the authorities, summoning the police to the scene.





In response to the distress call, Officer Bukinda and a Homicide team rushed to the house to investigate the sudden death incident. They carefully documented the scene and obtained statements from witnesses to piece together the puzzle behind Christine’s untimely demise.





During the inspection, the team discovered two bottles inside the room, one containing Rwenzori alcohol and the other Mountain Dew soda, both tainted with an unusual odor. Sensing the possibility of foul play, the team decided to send the bottles for analysis to the regional authorities and the Government Analytical Laboratory (GAL).

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With no visible external injuries on Christine’s body, the police believed that she might have taken her own life by ingesting poison, leading to her tragic end. However, to confirm this suspicion and understand the circumstances better, an autopsy was scheduled at Kabele Referral Hospital. Certain internal organs were also extracted as samples to be sent to GAL for further analysis.





As the investigation continued, the small community of Kagunga grappled with grief and confusion, trying to understand what could have driven Christine to such a desperate act. Was there more to the story than met the eye? Friends, family, and colleagues were left searching for answers.





As ASP Maate Elly, the PRO of Kigezi, disclosed to the media, the inquiries were ongoing, leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of the truth. For now, no arrests had been made, and the case remained open, awaiting the results of the autopsy and GAL analysis.

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In the aftermath of this heartrending incident, Kagunga would forever bear the scars of this sudden death, reminding its residents of the fragility of life and the importance of reaching out to one another during times of distress. The mystery behind Christine’s untimely passing weighed heavily on the minds of those who knew her, leaving a void that could never be filled.

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