Leaders Demand Restoration of Wolfram Mine in Kisoro


KISORO – Local leaders in Nyarubuye Sub County, Kisoro District, are urging the government to seek a suitable investor for the Kilwa Wolfram mine to benefit the surrounding community.

The mine has suffered from illegal mining activities since the 1980s when the initial government-approved investors withdrew from mineral extraction operations.

The community fondly remembers the era when King Desi was an investor in the mine. During his tenure, he not only contributed taxes to the government but also generously supported the communities living near the mine and improved local roads.

According to Nzabaratuma Clever, the Chairman of Kanyando LC1, the Kilwa Wolfram mine boasts valuable wolfram that can be marketed internationally, generating substantial revenue for both the government and local communities.

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He expressed deep concern about the ongoing illegal mining activities in the Kilwa Wolfram mine, which not only jeopardize security but have also resulted in injuries to some local residents at the hands of mineral protection police units. Clever called upon higher authorities in the district to advocate for their communities.

Additionally, Clever highlighted the government’s reluctance to organize the local community to protect the mine from illegal miners.


Mbonimpa Deo, the LC1 Chairman of Kabaya Village, emphasized that the residents of Busengo parish, where the mine is situated, once enjoyed a prosperous life thanks to their involvement in the mining sector, particularly the youth. He appealed to the government to allow local communities to take control of the mine if suitable investors cannot be found, preventing further exploitation by illegal miners who offer little benefit to the public.

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Bucyokori Earnest, the LC3 Chairman for Nyarubuye Sub County, expressed disappointment that illegal mining persists in Kilwa despite the presence of armed officers. He noted that the extracted minerals are also being smuggled to neighboring countries instead of benefiting Uganda.

Bucyokori highlighted the sub county’s efforts to reclaim the mine from unlawful hands, but lamented the limited support received from both the security forces and the district authorities.


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