Bishop Ahimbisibwe Inspires Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade to Serve God and Promote Positive Change


NTUNGAMO – The President of the Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade in Uganda, Rt. Rev. Bishop Nathan Ahimbisibwe, who doubles as the Bishop for the South Ankole Diocese has appealed the dedicated members of the Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade to wholeheartedly devote themselves to the service of God, emphasizing their role as catalysts for positive change within their respective churches.

Bishop Ahimbisibwe emphasized that such commitment would play a pivotal role in advancing the Kingdom of God and cultivating values such as discipline, self-respect, and responsible citizenship among the youth.

He drew a direct correlation between his personal achievements and the strong moral foundation instilled in him during his time with the Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade. Remarkably, he had become part of the brigade at the tender age of 12, rising to the rank of lance corporal.

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These sentiments were today shared by Bishop Ahimbisibwe during the inauguration of a week-long Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade retreat for members from the East and Central Africa Brigade. The retreat is presently underway at Kyamate SS in the South Ankole Diocese of Ntungamo District.

Bishop Ahimbisibwe urged brigade officers to discharge their responsibilities with the utmost seriousness and accountability. He cited the exemplary behavior of Joshua and Caleb, who, unlike their peers, successfully reached the promised land of Canaan due to their commitment and dedication.

Rt. Rev. Ahimbisibwe officially assumed his role during the National Council Sitting at Namirembe Resource Centre (NAREC) on June 17th, 2022, succeeding Rtd Rt Rev. Dr. William Rukirande, the Bishop Emeritus of Diocese of Kigezi, who had served the Brigade with great diligence.

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Bill Stevenson, the Secretary General of the global fellowship of Boys and Girls Brigade, lauded Rt. Rev. Ahimbisibwe, the President of Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade of Uganda, for his visionary leadership in spearheading the retreat. The retreat, Stevenson noted, holds the promise of imparting essential life skills to brigade members.

The Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade of Uganda currently boasts a membership of nearly 10,000 young individuals. The retreat, scheduled to conclude on August 31st, 2023, has attracted significant attention.

Distinguished guests at the event included Dantes Kanshangire, the Secretary-General of Brigade in Uganda, and Bishop Isaiah Deye of the Methodist Church of Kenya, along with other notable figures.

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