Bishop Akanjuna Urges Christians to Embrace Purposeful Living for Everlasting Grace


KABALE – The Bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi, the Rt Rev Gaddie Akanjuna has urged Christians across the Diocese to embrace purposeful living as a pathway to everlasting life.

Bishop Akanjuna’s call reverberated as he presided over the confirmation of 44 Confirmants into the Anglican faith at St. Mark’s Nyakyijumba Church of Uganda Parish under All Saints Archdeaconry in Central Division, Kabale Municipality in Kabale District.

Bishop Akanjuna expressed his concern that many individuals who profess Christianity have veered off course, wandering aimlessly in life’s labyrinth, thereby succumbing to the shackles of sin.

He implored the congregation to infuse their lives with purpose, a beacon that would illuminate their journey alongside Christ.

In his sermon, Bishop Akanjuna also championed a life aligned with God’s grace, beseeching Christians to cultivate practices that nurture a profound connection with the divine.

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He tenderly conveyed that God’s mercy and unwavering love await those who anchor their faith, embodying a truth that transcends time.

Bishop Akanjuna’s clarion call echoed throughout the sanctuary as he besought the newly confirmed to undertake a transformative path. This path demanded renouncing sinful ways, seeking divine communion, supporting the church’s mission and its spiritual custodians, engaging in consistent scripture study, fostering fellowship, tending to the vulnerable, and extending compassion to those in need.


The Bishop, animated by his purpose, charged the confirmants to consider this juncture as a cornerstone a pivotal moment for renouncing their previous ways and embracing a life steeped in godliness.

He reminded them that the blessings bestowed by the Holy Spirit were eternally enduring, awaiting those who welcomed Jesus Christ into the sanctuary of their hearts. With wisdom and gravity, he emphasized the sacredness of the vows they had taken, imploring them to guard their spiritual compass with unwavering resolve.

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