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Bishop Akanjuna Urges Christians to Heal Family Strife & Embrace Christian Values for Stronger Communities


RUBANDA – Rt. Rev. Gaddie Akanjuna, the Bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi, has rallied Christians throughout the diocese to undertake the peaceful resolution of their family disputes and conflicts.

The Bishop’s call to action came to light yesterday as he officiated the confirmation of 31 individuals into the Anglican faith at St. John’s Mungaara Church of Uganda Parish, nestled within the Nyaruhanga archdeaconry of Muko Sub County, located in the Rubanda district.

Bishop Akanjuna, speaking passionately during the service, challenged believers to earnestly address their family issues while consciously avoiding manipulation by malevolent influences. He underscored his deep concern for the younger generation, noting that instances of children turning against their parents have become distressingly prevalent.

The Bishop, with fervor, advised these young minds to embrace reverence for God and hold their parents in high regard, emphasizing that this would pave the way for an enriched life journey.

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Furthermore, the Bishop expressed his disquiet over the escalating prevalence of domestic discord within communities, citing a recent tragic incident that unfolded in Karengyere trading center, specifically within Karengyere Parish, Muko Sub County.

In this heart-wrenching occurrence, a husband’s violent actions led to the untimely demise of his spouse. Bishop Akanjuna shared his wisdom, counseling couples to entreat God’s guidance and protection during such tumultuous periods, asserting that He is a source of solace and defense.


Transitioning his focus to parenting, Bishop Akanjuna advised the faithful to cultivate their children’s characters and morals in alignment with Christian values. This, he firmly believed, would establish sturdy familial bonds firmly rooted in spiritual principles. Continuing his teachings, the Bishop called upon Christians to weave the teachings of the Bible into their lives, practicing virtues like kindness, compassion, and forgiveness. By doing so, he emphasized, the community would be propelled toward positive transformation.

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Directing his words to the new confirmants, Bishop Akanjuna urged them to establish a profound connection with the Holy Spirit, seeking its guidance and protection from malevolent forces. He passionately encouraged them to embrace Jesus as a personal guardian and to rely steadfastly on God’s grace for the betterment of their lives.

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