Christians Urged to Uphold Godly Values amidst Homosexuality Promotion & Alcoholism Concerns


RUBANDA – During the Assumption Day celebrations at Rubanda Catholic Parish, also known as Kiizi in Ikumba Sub County, Rubanda District, Reverend Father Eurerious Maguru, the area parish priest in the Kabale Diocese, addressed a pressing concern regarding the propagation of homosexuality by agents of the devil.

While acknowledging the efforts of those who seek to promote this lifestyle, Maguru emphasized that Christians should remain steadfast in upholding their Godly values, undeterred by the distractions posed by such ideologies. He explained that homosexuality contradicts the divine plan set forth by God, who, in His wisdom, created Adam and subsequently Eve to propagate the human race through the union of man and woman.


Honored as the chief guest during the festivities, Moses Kamuntu Mwongyera, the Member of Parliament for Rubanda West County, drew attention to a pressing issue in the Kigezi region – the escalating prevalence of alcoholism.

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Kamuntu cited the unfortunate incident of Gloria Kyarikunda, a 33-year-old resident of Mukayembe village in Kabuga Parish, Kihihi Sub County, who tragically lost her life on August 13, 2023, due to excessive consumption of waragi at the Kabuga-Kayembe Trading Center. Kamuntu passionately asserted that indulging in alcohol consumption detracts from valuable time that could be invested in agricultural activities and other income-generating endeavors, crucial for providing education and support for their children.

Pledging his commitment to enhancing the community, Kamuntu announced his intention to oversee the ambitious project of renovating Mary’s Praying Area at Rubanda Parish, with an allocated budget of 200 million shillings.


Assumption Day, a significant religious occasion, commemorates the belief that Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, was elevated to heaven both in body and spirit upon her passing, avoiding the natural processes of physical decay that typically follow death.

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