Diocese of Kigezi Revive Men’s Engagement in Church Participation

Canon Johnson Barintuma Munono, the Diocesan Head of Laity, highlighting the timely nature of the celebrations as a strategic initiative to re-engage men in church life. Photo By Enock Ndyamuhakyi

KABALE – The Diocese of Kigezi Secretary, Rev. Canon Milton Nkurunungi, has advised Christian men across the Diocese to draw motivation from the Father’s and Mother’s Unions events for them to actively participate in church activities as a crucial step towards fostering a robust and engaged church community.

Rev. Canon Nkurunungi conveyed this message yesterday during the Father’s Union reunion celebrations in the Diocese of Kigezi, held at St. Andrew’s Kamuronko Church of Uganda Archdeaconry in Ndorwa East County of Kabale district. This gathering brought together members of both the Father’s and Mother’s Unions from Kamuronko archdeaconry, with the primary objective of instilling a mindset of sustainable development among the church’s members.

Rev. Canon Nkurunungi expressed his concern over the declining involvement of many men in church activities, which has contributed to a setback in the church’s development. He encouraged men to recognize their role as family leaders and to see it as a means of supporting both their families and the church. Ultimately, he emphasized that this would lead to positive outcomes for their communities.

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Rev Canon Nkurunungi also expressed his gratitude to the event organizers, acknowledging the potential impact on members of the Father’s and Mother’s Unions throughout the Diocese of Kigezi. He underscored the importance of responsible men leading their families, emphasizing the need for men to unite their families for a more robust community.


In his sermon, the Archdeacon of St. Andrew’s Kamuronko Church of Uganda archdeaconry, Ven. Bens Aharimpisa, challenged married couples to prioritize honesty within their families as a fundamental step toward development. He urged couples to work collaboratively and establish a collective center for the betterment of their families.


Twinomugisha Edison, the Chairperson of the Father’s Union in Kamuronko archdeaconry, addressed the issue of dwindling male participation in church activities. He called upon the attendees to view this celebration as a turning point in their lives, inspiring them to take a more active role in church activities.

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Canon Johnson Barintuma Munono, the Diocesan Head of Laity, highlighted the timely nature of the celebrations as a strategic initiative to re-engage men in church life. He expressed regret over the increasing tendency of men to step away from their religious responsibilities, leaving church attendance primarily to women.

Munono pointed out that this shift has resulted in a gender imbalance within the congregation and has contributed to the decreasing presence of young boys in church. He emphasized the worrisome trend of men redirecting their attention towards bars and secular activities, leaving the spiritual upbringing of children, especially boys, predominantly in the hands of women. Munono emphasized that this situation poses a significant challenge to nurturing strong and spiritually grounded boys within the community.

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