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Kabale District Kadhi Calls for Unity & Respect Among Muslims to Foster Progress & Development


By Nathan Bahangwa

RUKIGA – The Kabale District Kadhi, Sheikh Kabu Lule, delivered a compelling message today, urging Muslims to embrace unity and respect for one another.

He emphasized this during the swearing-in ceremony of the new Mosque Imam, Mwalim Tumwebaze Ramadhan Ayyub, at Masjid Noor-Kamwezi in Kagarama, Kamwezi Sub county, Rukiga District.

In his address, the District Kadhi stressed that leadership is divinely ordained, and disrespecting their leaders means disrespecting Allah, which is a sinful act.

He called upon all Muslim leaders to adhere to the constitution of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council in their endeavors, as it is crucial for their success in their respective offices.

During the ceremony, the District Kadhi presented five Quran books to the new Imam, with the hope of aiding him in spreading the teachings of Allah.

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However, it is important to clarify that the District Kadhi’s message regarding marriage should be understood in the context of his belief in increasing the Muslim community.

According to Kadhi “It is crucial to recognize that the choice of having multiple wives is a personal decision and should be made with consideration for the values of mutual respect, love, and understanding”.

Speaking at the event, Mwalim Tumwebaze Ramadhan Ayyub expressed gratitude to the Kabale District Kadhi for entrusting him with this important role.

He pledged to serve diligently, striving to bring further development to the area concerning the practice of Islam. He called for the cooperation of all Muslims in the community to facilitate his work, emphasizing that unity and collaboration are essential for achieving their shared goals.

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As we celebrate this occasion, the message of unity and respect shared by the Kabale District Kadhi resonates deeply within the hearts of Muslims, reminding us of the importance of standing together in harmony.

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