Minister Bahati Calls on Christians to Count Blessings as they Celebrate Christmas


KABALE – The State Minister for Trade, Industry, and Co-operatives, Honorable David Bahati has urged Christians to reflect on and appreciate the blessings bestowed upon them this year as they commemorate Christmas Day.

“Christmas marks the birth of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace. As we celebrate, let’s remember and count the blessings God has granted our country, particularly the peace and security we enjoy,” Minister Bahati conveyed in his Christmas message at Kakomo St Mark Church of Uganda.

Highlighting the significance of peace, Minister Bahati emphasized, “Christmas is officially cancelled in Bethlehem this year, with the birthplace of Jesus resembling a ghost town as fighting between Israel and Hamas rages. We, on the other hand, are on island of peace in the region, a reason for gratitude, attributed to the leadership of His Excellency President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.”

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He stressed the importance of personal peace, harmony with others, and a connection with God.

“We must not take this peace for granted; staying vigilant is crucial to safeguarding it,” Minister Bahati added.

Linking peace to development, he stated, “Our peaceful country has attracted investments, leading to rapid industrial growth with over 8000 factories now across the nation.”

Acknowledging local achievements, Minister Bahati remarked, “As Ndorwa West County, we’ve seen progress in health centers, electricity, water extension, and upcoming road constructions in January 2024. These milestones, including the received ambulance, schools, and improved household income through the Parish Development Model, are blessings to be counted.”

Minister Bahati addressed challenges to peace, condemning corruption and joblessness as sources of instability.

“The government is actively establishing more factories to combat instability and preserve peace,” he affirmed.

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In a solemn reminder, Minister Bahati concluded, “As we celebrate Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, let’s recall that our peace was bought with His blood. It’s our duty to safeguard it.”

Christmas prayers, led by Rev. Warren Akatwijuka, Parish Priest of Kakomo St Mark Church of Uganda, encouraged Christians to embrace faith, accepting Jesus into their lives for everlasting life and to inherit the Kingdom of God.

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