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No one has Authority to Kill – Bishop Rukirande Warns Christians as Diocese Mourns Slain Lay Reader


KABALE – The Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Kigezi, Rt Rev Dr William Rukirande, has warned Christians to refrain from involvement in murder cases, emphasizing that “No one has permission to take another person’s life.”

Bishop Rukirande made this call during a gathering today, where several priests from the Diocese of Kigezi, clad in black cassocks, held litany prayers at Rubira Church of Uganda in commemoration to the late lay reader, Living Aryatwijuka, whose lifeless body was discovered floating on the waters of River Rwabakazi last week on Saturday.

Reflecting on the biblical account of Cain and Abel, Bishop Rukirande strongly condemned acts of murder, asserting that anyone who takes a life not only harms a fellow human being but also defies God’s commandments, inviting curses upon themselves.

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Bishop Rukirande revealed that Aryatwijuka, who tragically lost his life in his first year of serving God, was a respected farmer and one of the affluent lay readers in the diocese. Bishop Rukirande speculated that Aryatwijuka might have fallen victim to malicious individuals driven by greed for monetary gain.

Bishop Rukirande urged Christians to distance themselves from individuals who may harbor harmful intentions, emphasizing the sanctity of human life as paramount.


The litany prayers, which included various petitions expressed through prayers and songs, were led by the Dean of St Peter’s Cathedral Rugarama, the Very Rev Obed Turihohabwe.

The intercessory prayers, led by Rev. Edward Mwesigwa of St Phillips Bugongi Estates, Ven. Amos Twetise of Kikungiri Archdeaconry, Rev Emmanuel Namanya of All Saints Church, and Rev Gad Musimenta of Nyabushabi Church of Uganda, sought deliverance from evil, spiritual harm, and natural calamities, invoking the power of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection.

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Diocese of Kigezi Clergy during litany and Intercessory Prayers at Rubira Church of Uganda.

In response to the heinous act, the intercessory prayers were fervently said and sung, expressing the community’s grief and seeking divine intervention.

The prayer session concluded with a solemn clergy procession covering approximately 2 kilometers, symbolizing a collective protest against such murderous acts in the area.

Lay Readers and Clergy in a solemn procession covering approximately 2 kilometers, symbolizing a collective protest against such murderous acts in the area.

Aryatwijuka went missing on Monday, the 15th, and his lifeless body, bearing several injuries, was discovered on Saturday, the 20th, floating in River Rwabakazi. On Sunday, the 21st, he was laid to rest at his ancestral home in Katookye cell, Kigata parish, Kyanamira Sub County, Kabale District.

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